Who We Are:

Fensgate Chamber Players is an ensemble of professional Boston freelance musicians who have performed all over the world, from St. Petersburg to Tokyo, Zimbabwe to British Columbia, and Carnegie Hall to Symphony Hall.

Why We’re Here:

A certain joyous chemistry takes place when the Fensgate Chamber Players play music. We formed our organization to bring that happiness into your lives and your life celebrations.

The Role of Music:

Music is essential to the rituals of the human experience. It is a universal language, with the power to provide rhythm, shape, expression and dignity to any special occasion.

What We Do:

In Fensgate Chamber Players, we know how to use music to coordinate and support other components of your celebration.

Your celebration will be handled with the utmost of care. We don’t just play processionals. Our goal is to time them perfectly to provide just the right emotional impact for this most important moment in your lives. That’s true of every musical detail of your ceremony, which will be given the most tender consideration, in consultation with you, to ensure that music you select creates exactly the effects you desire.

What We Play:

The Fensgate Chamber Players represent all the families of musical instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, piano and harp. We have the skills and flexibility to configure our ensemble to meet your musical and budgetary needs.