Professional Fees (all inclusive) for a typical two-hour service in the Boston area

Trios $1025 (our recommendation for most events)
Quartet $1250
Duos $700

Professional Fees (all inclusive) for a two-hour service at Lord Thompson Manor, Newport, or similar level of travel

Trios $1075 (our recommendation for most events)
Quartet $1325
Duos $800

Overtime $50 per person per half hour

Our rates are based on a two-hour minimum engagement. For example, at weddings we typically play the prelude, the ceremony and the cocktail hour, with a very short break to change locations if necessary.

If you're interested in having us perform at your event, please feel free to inquire with Music Director Brian Clague about various options tailored to meet your musical and budgetary requirements. Brian can help you figure out what kind of group you need.

*Fees are all inclusive within metropolitan Boston, or Lord Thompson Manor or Newport, as listed. Modest travel fees are necessary for engagements that require travel beyond this area. There are no additional booking fees. Very rarely, arrangement fees must be charged to accommodate highly unusual musical requests. Engagements requiring us to bring our own piano or harp will incur cartage fees, available upon request.