The Fensgate Chamber Players represent all the families of musical instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, piano and harp. We can configure ourselves into ensembles of various size and instrumental makeup. The right ensemble for your celebration will be indicated by the nature of your event, your musical interests, the number of guests, performance space, literature you request and moods you’d like to achieve.

Music Director Brian Clague will provide a complementary consultation to recommend the ensemble which would likely best serve your musical and budgetary needs.

The most popular configuration in classical chamber music is the String Quartet (two violins/viola/cello.) It is the centerpiece of the chamber music literature, and provides a beautifully balanced and complete sonority. Several classic trio combinations exist, each with its own charm and specific literature. In wedding ceremonies, it can be particularly effective to add a trumpet to the string sound. Others prefer the brighter and lighter timbre of the flute.

The great composers have written music especially for the tonal properties of each of these classic combinations.

String Trios (two violins/cello or violin/viola/cello)
String Quartet (two violins/viola/cello)
Trumpet and Strings
Flute Trio (flute/violin/cello)
Flute Quartet (flute/violin/viola/cello)
Duos (violin/cello, flute/cello, violin/flute, flute/harp)
Piano Duo (piano with any instrument)
Piano Trio (piano/violin/cello)